Current grant funding

£886,994 Medical Research Council. 2020-2023. Uhlhaas PJ (PI), Muckli L, Palva M, Goense J, Porter D, Krishnadas R. Identifying neural signatures of auditory predictive processing in schizophrenia: a multi-modal imaging approach

£494,824 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. 2020-2023. Goense J (PI), Riddel J. What information does laminar fMRI provide about cortical sensorimotor circuits? Validation with electrophysiology and targeted nerve injuries

£575,227 Medical Research Council. 2020-2024. Goense J (PI), Riddell J, Hart A. Laminar fMRI and resting-state fMRI in the somatosensory system — effect of peripheral nerve injury on cortical circuits

£50,000 Chief Scientist Office 2021-2023. Chalmers A (PI), Developing better models of the blood-tumour barrier to enhance drug development for glioblastoma

Previous grant funding

£178,153  British Heart Foundation. 2018-2021. Holmes W (PI), Berry C, Jansen M, Grey Towards metabolic assessment of myocardial viability using oxygen-17 MRI.

Inspire Foundation. 2017-2021. Riddell J (PI), Rousselet G, Goense J, Vuckovic A, Conway B, Purcell M, Fraser M. Mechanisms of neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: role of the spinothalamic tract

£8,585  Neurosciences Foundation.  2018-2019.  Holmes W (PI), Van Agtmael T, Paterson S.  Developing MRI methods to detect subtle changes in blood brain barrier permeability

£261,395 British Heart Foundation. 2017-2019. Van Agtmael T, Holmes W.   Targeting intracellular pathways to dissect mechanisms of cerebrovascular disease.

£10,107 Neurosciences foundation. 2017-2019. Goense J (PI), Riddell J, Hart A.  Development of laminar resting state fMRI and investigation of plasticity of cortical networks after peripheral nerve injury.

£1,050,149 Medical Research Council. 2016-2019. Bowtell R (PI),  Hosseini A, Mackay C, Jezzard P, Clare S, Glover P, Goense J, Rowe J, Muir K, Wise R, Gowland P, Jones D, Muckli L, Carpenter T, Williams G, Miller K, Francis S, Bajaj N, Morris P, Linden D. The UK7T network: Developing the ultra-high field MRI platform for biomedical research

£1,816,033 Wellcome Trust/Dept of Health, Health Innovation Challenge Fund.  Muir K, Santosh C (joint PIs), Macrae IM, Deuchar G, Lees K, Brennan D, Berwick J, 2017-2018 GOLD imaging in acute stroke: further technology development incorporating a perfluorocarbon oxygen carrier (Oxycyte).

£151,656 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.  G Shajan (PI), Goense J. 2017-2018. Hybrid 1H/19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7T

£151,886 Henry Smith Charity.  Gibson C (PI), McCabe C, Thompson GR.  2015-2017  Memantine – developing a prophylactic treatment for ischaemic stroke.

£177,375  Brain Tumour Trust grant.  Chalmers A, Holmes W. 2014-2017 
Developing and testing novel therapies targeting the invasive behaviour of human glioblastoma.

£214,665  Beatson Endowment Fund grant. Chalmers A, Holmes W, 2014-2017  Developing and testing novel therapies targeting the invasive behaviour of human glioblastoma.

£124,600  Henry Smith Charity.  McCabe C (PI), Work L, Nicklin SA, Macrae IM, Holmes WM.  2014-2016.  Brain damage after stroke: role of Angiotensin-1-7.

£176,000  BHF New Horizons. 2014-2016. Holmes W, Denvir M.  Development of cardiac MRI for studying Zebrafish models of cardiovascular disease.

£359,150 EPSRC grant. 2013-2016. Phoenix V, Holmes W.  Non-invasive observation of nanoparticle transport in rock pore systems.

£248,023  Chief Scientist Office project grant 2011-2014. Macrae IM, Muir K, Deuchar G, McCabe C, Work L.  Supporting the ischaemic penumbra with oxygen-carrying perfluorocarbons

£45,000   Carnegie Trust grant. 2012-2013.  Haynes, Holmes. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in interdisciplinary science and engineering research

£17,200   CRUK grant. 2012-2013.  Pimlott, Macrae, Holmes, Chalmers, Anderson.  Investigation of [18F]-Fluciclatide as a PET imaging agent for imaging angiogenesis in Glioblastoma

£15,000  SINAPSE.  2013-2014.  Holmes, Lopez.  Development of non-invasive monitoring device.

£9,126   Neuroscience Foundation. 2011-2013. McCabe, Deuchar, Macrae, Fagan, Santosh.  Sodium imaging following an ‘Oxygen Challenge’ to assess function of the Na/K ATP pump following ischaemia to demonstrate membrane integrity.

£6250 Neuroscience Foundation. 2011-2012. Lopez, Holmes, Macrae, McCabe. Development and application of oscillatory gradient MRI in stroke.

£233,913 EPSRC grant. 2010-2012. Phoenix, Holmes.  Magnetic resonance imaging of biofilm mass transport processes with gadolinium tracers.

£10,000 Yorkhill Childrens Foundation. 2011-2012. Rodie, Ahmed, Holmes, Macrae.  The role of the testosterone surge in early infancy on brain metabolism.

£244,298 Proof of Concept Scottish Enterprise. 2008-2011. Santosh, Macrae, Brennan, Holmes, Condon. Developing a novel diagnostic imaging product for assessing metabolism and its application in stroke”.

£267,524 MRC project grant. 2008-2011. Macrae, Santosh,Holmes, McCabe.  Imaging the Ischaemic Penumbra using BOLD MRI with oxygen challenge as a  biotracer

£67,311  Chief Scientists Office grant. 2009-2010. Muir, Dewar,Macrae, Holmes, Graham. Metabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia and experimental stroke

£8,642  Neuroscience Foundation grant. 2009-2011. Gilchrist, Santosh, Holmes, McCabe.  Assessment of Myoglobin as a Novel MR Reporter Gene and its potential to protect Embryonic Stem Cells against hypoxia.

£277,955 Wyeth TMRC grant. 2007-2010. Macrae, Holmes, McCabe. Development of techniques and animal models to study the ischaemic penumbra in stroke.

£23,268    NERC grant. 2009-2010. Pheonix, Holmes.  Opening the black box: imaging nanoparticle transport with magnetic resonance imaging.

£244,373  Wyeth TMRI grant. 2007-2009. Dewar, Condon, Holmes.  Evaluation of MR techniques as surrogate biomarkers of neurogenesis after antidepressant drug treatment.

£9,610  Neuroscienes Foundation. 2009-2010. Holmes, Macrae, Condon.  Development and Validation of an MRI Method to Image Cerebral Metabolism using Oxygen-17.

£9,245  Neurosciences Foundation. 2007-2008. McCabe, Macrae. Inhibition of NADPH Oxidase as a potential neuroprotective strategy in the Stroke Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive (SHRSP) rat.

£10,000  TENOVUS grant. 2006-2007. Schlatzleiner, Holmes.  Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI as a predictor of drug and nano-medicine transport in solid tumours.

£6,461 Neurosciences Foundation. 2007-2008. Dewar, Holmes, Condon.  Study of structural abnormalities in the brains of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 mice using MRI