Dr Antoine Vallatos, Dr Joanna Birch, Haitham Al-Mubarak, Prof Anthony Chalmers and Dr William Holmes,  were awarded the national 3R’s Prize 2018 by the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board (AWERB).

Samantha Paterson was awarded the best poster presentation at the annual British Chapter ISMRM conference in Leeds (September 2016), for her research on Developing Novel MRI Methods for Imaging Subtle Changes in BBB permeability.



Dr Gavin Merrifield being awarded the prize for best oral presentation at the British Chapter ISMRM conference in London (September 2015), for his research developing cardiac MRI of zebrafish models of cardiovascular disease. Presenting the prize is Professor David Gadian.



Dr Antoine Vallatos being awarded the best poster prize at the British Chapter ISMRM conference in London (September 2015), for his researchon the topic of Arterial spin labelling. Presenting the prize is Professor David Gadian.


PhD student Emma Reid receiving her prize from Director of Nexxus, Graeme Boyle, for the best oral presentation at the 2011 Glasgow Neuroscience Day. Her talk was entitled “Studying the ischaemic penumbra in the spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rat with MRI”.

Emma is in the final year of her PhD supervised by Dr Chris McCabe and Professor I Mhairi Macrae.

Dr. Friedrich Wetterling, former PhD student of Dr. Andrew Fagan from Trinity College Dublin undertook a pioneering MRI study of brain sodium in experimental stroke with GEMRIC staff in 2009, which he presented at the 2010 German Medical Physicists (DGMP) conference in Freiburg on the 2nd October 2010.

Out of 24 entries Dr. Wetterling’s presentation entitled “Sodium Concentration as a Marker for Tissue Viability after Ischaemic Stroke” (Co-authors: Lindsay Gallagher, Prof. I. Mhairi Macrae, Dr. Sven Junge, Dr. Andrew J. Fagan) was awarded the prestigious Siemens young investigator award (750€).

Ramanan Baheerathan, a 3rd year PhD student, receiving the second prize (£2000) for his poster ‘Quantifying Macromolecular Transport Processes in Biofilms with Magnetic Resonance Imaging’

Baroness Jenny Tonge, pictured here presenting Ramanan with his award, explained that there had been 30 entrants in the 2009 Anglo American Environmental Geochemistry Poster Competition, from whom the three winners had been chosen.

Dr Andrew Fagan, Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, & School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.
Dr Andrew Fagan was awarded the Astra-Zeneca prize for the best presentation of an innovative non-human in vivo MRI or MRS research study at the Annual Scientific Meeting of ISMRM British Chapter in Cardiff September 2009. His presentation, entitled “Detection of regional variations in tissue sodium concentration changes in the acute phase of a rodent stroke model” described  the design and construction of a surface coil for measuring brain sodium levels, and the subsequent in vivo studies of brain sodium levels in an experimental stroke model which were carried out in collaboration with GEMRIC researchers.

Craig Robertson, in his 2nd year as a PhD student receiving the Integrated Mammalian Biology poster prize, from Dr Mike Collis, Chief Executive of The Physiological Society.

Craig’s research was presented at a joint meeting  the British Pharmacological & Physiological Societies on Integrative Pharmacology and Physiology at King’s College London in September 2009. The MRI technique detects penumbra following stroke by assessing O2 metabolism: validation with [14C] 2-deoxyglucose autoradiography.  Robertson, C, McCabe, C.,Holmes, W, Gallagher, L.,  Lopez-Gonzalez, R., Brennan, D., Condon, B., Muir, K., Santosh, C., & Macrae, IM.

Dr Christopher McCabe, MRI bioscientist and research fellow at GEMRIC receiving the Astra-Zeneca prize from Professor Martin Leach, Chairman of ISMRM British Chapter, at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Newcastle 2008.

His presentation “Potential use of Oxygen as a Metabolic Biosensor in combination with T2* weighted MR to define the Ischaemic Penumbra” described ongoing research to improve the diagnosis of acute stroke patients using MRI.

Photograph by Dr Ken Benjamin, Napier University, Edinburgh.