Co-registration of MRI with Histology


To allow quantitative evaluation of MRI methods as biomarkers for glioblastoma invasion, we development an accurate protocol for co-registration with histological sections.  Histological slices (HLA stain for human GBM) were carefully cut to exactly match the orientation of the MRI slices. To recreate the MRI slice thickness (1.5mm), three histology slices (20um) from the  front, middle, end of MRI slice, were averaged together and co-registered with the MRI data. This allows quantitative evaluation of the MRI as a biomarker of invasion.

Such accurate co-registration of tumor density with MRI data, allows us to go beyond standard ROI evaluation test (e.g. Dice >0.8). Below we present direct voxel-to-voxel comparison between MRI and histology.