Live Tarantula Imaging

This in-vivo Tarantula imaging is a collaboration with Gavin Merrifield of Edinburgh University.

It forms part of an on going study into Tarantula Biology.

collection of 4 images of a Tarantula, in the travel case, an anesthetic chamber, a T1 weighted saggital cross-section of opisthosoma and a 3-D T1 weighted image of the Tarantula at 88um isotropic resolution.

(a) Female adult Tarantula in a travel case. (b) Tarantula placed in customised anesthetic chamber ready for MRI scanning. (c) T1 weighted Sagital cross-section of opisthosoma. (d) 3-D T1 weighted image of the whole Tarantula at 88μm isotropic resolution

Link to 3D MRI movie of a tarantula

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