Glasgow Experimental MRI Centre (GEMRIC) is a pre-clinical MRI centre situated within the Garscube Campus of Glasgow University.  The centre is housed in a custom-designed building containing two Bruker 7 Tesla pre-clinical MRI scanners, along with a fully equipped surgical suite, animal holding rooms and a physics workshop.

The research focus of GEMRIC is strongly interdisciplinary, and the GEMRIC team and brings together extensive experience in in-vivo animal models of disease, MRI physics and functional MRI (fMRI) which is applied to wide range of research questions. Our collaborations with other basic scientists and clinicians foster a translational approach to research, focusing on mechanistic questions, diagnostic imaging development, longitudinal evaluation of anatomical & pathophysiological information and effects of novel interventions on disease processes.

For further information on MRI and potential collaborations please contact the GEMRIC team.

Principal Investigators:  Riddell, Holmes, Vallatos, Sampaio-Baptista